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Who I AM


Why Law?

People always ask why I got my law degree, well here is the story.  I was in IT sales for many years and quite successful.  Then in 2000, the bust happened (it is like a real estate bubble bursting, but for IT)  I always promised myself I would take steps to insulate myself and my family from being able to provide.  Fast forward some years, I was trying to decide between a law degree, and MBA, and trying my hand at stand up comedy.

Well, stand up comedy may be a dream, but it wasn't going to pay the bills, so it was down to MBA or Law School. It just so happened I was on 2 different jurys during this time.  Of the 6 attorneys I saw in 2 cases, I only felt 1 was any good at all.  I knew I could do better.

How did I do it?

This is the 2nd most asked question from people that know me or meet me.  I was working full time, had a family with 2 boys, and then I decided to attend South Texas College of Law at night, usually 4 nights a week.

So, how did I do it?  It boiled down to 3 simple rules.  Rule 1, I love to read.  I simply substituted all my sci-fi, biographies, fiction, mysteries, etc, for law books.  I did all the reading. I was amazed at how many law students didn't not come prepared to class. Rule 2 - Follow the money!  Early on in law school, my sales training came into play. Whenever a professor had me reciting a case or answering a question, if I followed the money, most cases (especially business and insurance cases) I would at least be close to the right answer.  Rule 3 - Partake in Class discussions.  Professors work hard and have to delivery some very dry material.  I was again amazed at how no students would answer.  Heck, I answered to just stay awake!  I had many, many of my professors thank me to getting into the discussion and encouraged me to keep doing so.


No big news, but who knows when I'll have some.


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