Commercial & Business Law

Business Law

The Abrams Law Firm counsels and represents large and small companies and individuals in various legal aspects of business law.  The Abrams Law Firm also assists small businesses and entrepreneurs in various legal aspects of business law.


The drafting, negotiation, and review of contracts is a large portion of the business law field.  Often time, many companies or individuals just want to make sure they understand what they are signing.   Explaining what they are signing, what the risks and repercussions are, and how to limit exposure is a key component of this type of business law.

Everything Else:

Outside of contracts, The Abrams Law Firm helps companies and individual set up LLC & Partnership, define roles, and implement general corporate structure to better obtain the goals of the company or individual.  This can range from fininacing options, to risk assessment, to teaching employees on proper business fundamentals and what constitutes detrimental practices that can put a company in jeopardy.

Business Law is a fundamental need of any company or individual starting a business.  It is always best to get legal guidance before getting too far down the road and trying to correct things later on down the road.
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