Bradford Abrams is a full service, solo practitioner who provides Legal Services based out of The Woodlands, Texas.  He provides legal services in the greater Houston area and Texas in General.

Mr Abrams has been in technology sales for twenty plus years.  He decided that he wanted to go back and get an advanced degree and work on a second career.  He narrowed it down to three choices: an MBA, a Law Degree, or try to become a stand-up comedian (No, seriously!).  He chose law as the area to pursue and has yet to ever regret that decision.  He worked full time and went to South Texas College of Law at night for four years.  Believe it or not, He really enjoyed it , overall it was a positive experience and he loved the knowledge and the learning.

In Law school he learned that many of his professional skills had already prepared him for a career in law.  Negotiation,  analysis,  speaking and presentation, strategic planning, and persuasion are all skills he has had a surplus of training in and has perfected over the years.  He has been using all of these skills, and more, on a daily bases in his professional career and now Is able to  bring them to the law firm and to you, the clients.

Mr Abrams provides representation in Business and Civil law matters including company and partnership formation, LLC filings, business agreements, contract formation and negotiation, as well as Family Law, Personal Injury claims,  Wills & Trusts, and Animal law.

As a solo practitioner, Mr Abrams does not have the resources of a large firm.  However, he has aligned myself with larger firms, so if a matter arises that he cannot handle, he is able to connect you with a firm that can.

He also does not have the large overhead of a big firm, so his rates and fees are much more reasonable.

If you have a legal matter you need help with, the first consultation is always free.  Many times, after the first consultation you will have a much better understanding of what your options are and the best way to get results.

Mr Abrams will keep you involved and in “the loop”.  You will not go weeks without hearing from him to get an update on your case.  If you cannot come to his office, He will come to you.

“My goal is to provide you with legal services that provide the highest personal satisfaction and outstanding results for you, my clients.  I want you or your company to be very satisfied with the resolutions to the initial issue, so that later issues are also brought to me for consideration.”   -Bradford Abrams

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